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Sewer and drain cleaning used to be difficult, messy and expensive, it would involve identifying the problem location and then digging up the pipe to clear the blockages. This is no longer the case with our hydro-jetting technology, we can very quickly and effectively clear your sewer and drain blockages without the mess of digging up your pipes.

Our hydro-jet technique uses high pressure water to scour the pipe internal walls; cleaning grease, root, sediments, dirt or sand, then flushing it out. Due to its effectiveness, hydro-jetting is used for all difficult or complicated jobs to clear blocked sewer or drains.

Unlike running a “snake” or cable line into the drain, hydro-jetting will totally clear the blockages. Whereas the “snake” only create openings in the blockage to allow water flow again. The debris left behind is often the point at which debris will start to accumulate all over again.

On the the hand if your blockage is due to grease problem, then hydro-jetting is the only effective solution to clean your drain or sewer pipes.

Keith Brennan Plumbing is one of the few contractors who has access to full size high pressure hydro-jet technology to clean sewers and drains in Brisbane. Our hydro-jet produces a maximum of more than 34,000 kPa at 23 Litres per minute, the pressure and flow rate are fully adjustable to suit all conditions from 250mm diameter pipes to as small as 40mm drain pipes or traps.

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